Saturday, March 24, 2012

Body by Who?

Heeeeey! Ok, so let's dive right in like old friends who haven't spoken in decades, but instantly pick up where we left off, shall we? I've missed you all!!! But today's blog definitely makes up for lost time. Keep reading....

So, I've started a new challenge and it's one I fully intend [yes, with the BEST intentions mind you] to finish. It's the Body by Vi[salus] 90-Day Fitness Challenge. Let me establish right off: I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I'll explore the MLM business model in a future post, but now let's focus on the actual products. I started with their Balance Kit which involves eating 2 shakes per day, 1 healthy meal and interim healthy snacks. In my first week, I've lost 3 pounds and 1 inch off my waist!!! *huge grin* This product impressed me from Day-1 when I didn't find myself starving in between shakes. They literally fill you up as much as a meal [without all the bad stuff]…who can say "Eureka!!!"? *cue heavenly angelic music*

Speaking of heaven, the heavenly Aaron "Herkules" Graves, aka "The Strongest Man in Radio" from WPGC 95.5 and SIRIUS XM The Heat, and the awesome Damen Smalls hipped me and many others to this product. They both use it with solid results, so I gave it a try and BAM, woot ther' it is! Talk about being Queen-sized....I'm on my way to a fitter, healthier, BETTER me. Why not join the journey to a better YOU? Visit my page, research and then get started with your order today. Visit: now because you've got nothing to lose but the weight!  

Until next time Queens....
Steffi Reina
"A crown in the palm of His hands..."

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Personal Food & Fitness Challenge - Post 1

How do I even begin to start this challenge introduction. Hmmmm, let me see.....I'M A PROCRASTINATOR! There, I said it. Now, allow me to let it sink it for a moment.........**tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock**..........**Final Jeopardy music is now playing**.......okay, I think it's sunk in. Hahahahah....If you're wondering why I've started this blog, and even this specific challenge, I'd have to dig way back into the crevices of my life and highlight every moment in which I felt like a lazy bum who was capable of doing so much better than what I was giving to a particular situation. Now, don't get me wrong; I'm no slouch. Far from it actually. I've always been a results-driven, moderately successful, hard-working, committed-to-the-task-at-hand, go the extra mile woman. Believe that! BUT, I've also allowed procrastination to rob me of many, many wonderful things in life...healthy and fit lifestyle included. Thus, I believe the only way to step past that realization is to acknowledge it, face it, defeat it, retrieve all the 'plunder' it's stolen and then keep it my eye on it so that it can never attack me again.

This is the root purpose of this 'Personal Food & Fitness" challenge: to transform my mindset about the negative effects of procrastination into a mindset about the positives of capitalization. By 'capitalization', I mean capitalizing on every second, minute, hour, day, opportunity, success, failure-EVERY possibility that we are allowed in this one life that we're given-to make a positive difference and lasting impact on my life, YOUR life and the lives of the billions of people around me. Yet, how can I do this if I'm 'gone too soon'?

I'm recalling the song "Gone to Soon" that the legendary Michael Jackson (R.I.P.) sang when a young man named Ryan White who (ironically, he was from my hometown of Kokomo, IN) died at a young age from the complications resulting from contracting HIV and AIDS from a blood transfusion. I won't delve into the emotional layers of that song, but it's message rings true in the case of those of us who are robbing years of our lives by living unhealthy and unfit lifestyles by either overeating, under-exercising, smoking, drinking excessively, doing drugs, practicing promiscuous and unsafe sex, walking in unforgiveness (yes, this too!), etc. We don't need some supernatural enemy to attack us - we do an excellent job of that ourselves every day of our lives when we shovel massive amounts of food into our bellies! What about our families? What about our children? What about OUR future!

I have something to contribute to this world. Sometimes I haven't a clue what that is, but I'll never be accused of not searching, trying and attempting every day of my life to make SOMETHING positive happen for SOMEONE. Now, it's time for me to strip off that final layer of resistence that slows me down: the fat.

This particular blog chapter will highlight LOTS of things. I can't even begin to tell you what because, quite honestly, I'm simply winging it. I feel much like the Biblical prophet Elijah (see the Holy Bible, the book of 1 Kings and start reading at chapter 17 to learn more about him, or simply follow this link: He got a word from God and then just moved. That's pretty much how the rest of his life played out...can you imagine? Well, I can. I believe I've been given a vision from God (the sad part is He gave me this vision years ago and I've just been dragging my feet and eating chitlins and greens and stuff! hahahh....) and I'm simply going to walk it out in obedience a day at a time. Period. I know it's from Him because it's BIGGER than anything I could ever do on my own. I need Him. And I choose YOU to walk with me. Will you join me on this journey?

If you choose to join me, we'll be reading through the cookbook "The What Would Jesus Eat" Cookbook by Don Colbert, M.D. ( Now, you don't have to be a Christian to join me in this challenge. That is NOT a requirement, although I must share with you that Jesus is the Root of this challenge for me. Therefore, the principles we apply throughout will be biblically based even if you can't perceive them (smile). But, if you even just respect the historical Christ, I'd like to believe that you'd value maybe trying an eating plan that He might have tried during His life. Why not? It can't hurt, right? Go 'head! Give us Christians a try for a minute, huh?! It's just food and exercise...hahahah. In addition to this book, I'll provide links, facts, plans, events, recipes (found in the book), etc. throughout this journey that I hope will benefit you along the way. I invite you to comment, share and chart your progress along with us. Who knows what we'll ALL learn about ourselves along the way.

I'll close with these two comments that I believe are appropriate as we begin this journey:

1. "How are you going to cast out a group of demons, if you can't put down the fork!" (for the Christian)

2. "Ohhhhh, the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss from the book by the same name...see this poem at this link:

Welcome Queens...


Writing My Prescription for Healing - Final

So, I guess you're wondering why there are no more 'prescriptions' for healing, right? (or maybe that's just my sub-conscious speaking out loud!)...hahahhah...well, just as our Lord got up on the 3rd day, I felt supernaturally AMAZING after that 3rd and final post. Seriously. It was almost as if beginning to write out my feelings of forgiveness of myself and others about my divorce instantly brought healing to my heart. I thought I would have to pull back many hidden layers, yet, just as on the 3rd day, resurrection began in my heart...and I began to allow Life, Love, Light and Peace to flow in the place of hurt, unforgiveness and pain.

I can think of no better prescription for ANY 'sickness' than forgiveness. Take ONE of those and call somebody in the morning! hahhha....I'm thankful that the emotional healing chapter has closed. Now, it is time to move forward in physical healing. And thus begins the 'challenge'...stay tuned!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Writing My Prescription for Healing-Day 3

I love not feeling obligated to write my prescription for healing in chronological, day-after-day order. You see, I'm a creature of habit. And a lot of that repetitive nature within me has contributed to my inability to be flexible within love relationships in the past; including my marriage. Being able to adapt, change, be flexible and shift has always come naturally in every relationship EXCEPT a romantic love relationship. It seemed as if the formula of love could ONLY work in a continuous fashion (of course, with MY oversight! hahha...).

I've released myself from the obligation of ensuring ANY formula involving love has to be solved by me. Allowing time, itself, to define the moment's intention and purpose is my new method of living and loving...what liberty this new revelation has brought into my life. I hope you will find your liberty along these lines too...Estefani

Friday, April 02, 2010

Writing My Prescription for Healing-Day 2

Today I took a first step toward trusting my God-given instincts again.

For a while now, I've purposely refused to acknowledge them; bitter at myself for ignoring and neglecting them when they 'spoke' to me as I was considering marriage to my ex-husband. If I was TRULY honest with myself, I'd say he was probably going through the same thing too. I'm able to admit that in my desperation to believe I was hearing from God regarding marriage, I silenced the very instincts and Voice He has given me. I've been mad and bitter at none...other...than...ME.

So today, I forgive myself and I free myself from the bondage of past neglects and ignorance. I'm giving myself permission and freedom to trust again; not trust Estéfani, but trust the Voice God has placed within me that says "this is the Way, walk in it." Yes, it's a still small voice most times, but I know it, and now I choose to trust it's wisdom, its guidance and its never-failing protection in my life. This prescriptive revelation was good medicine to my heart and soul today. I hope it blesses you too.


Thursday, April 01, 2010

My Journey-Full Figure Modeling (FFM) Tip #6

NO Irene Cara "Fame" photoshoots allowed! No decent, PROFESSIONAL photographer should be asking you to do anything that would compromise your personal morals or values. It IS possible to work in areas of this industry in which you are comfortable. Command the type of attention you desire by being a woman, a Queen mind you, of genuine integrity and watch your career flourish! Anything less and you can expect Lil Jon to ring you any moment now for his next video...Bow and Courtsey now ladies, you're a Queen! ;-)

My Journey-Full Figure Modeling (FFM) Tip #5

Stand out from the crowd by creating a 'stage' name! Whether modeling, acting, singing, dancing, etc., you've got to stand out. Work your hustle ladies! My niche is petite (5'5") full-figure (size 14) ethnic mix (M.U.T. or Make U Think), so I've spun a portion of a part of my cultural mix into my 'stage' name, Estéfani. Madonna, Prince, Frenchie, Borat-they've all made it work. Why not me? Be creative with it and good luck!....oh and HAVE FUN!

My Journey-Full Figure Modeling (FFM) Tip #4

Tone, tone, tone thick ladies! Plus-size & full-figure (size 12+) does NOT mean unhealthy, unfit or out-of-shape. Being thick & toned is a REQUIREMENT in the industry. So, before you celebrate that you can hit the nearest Coldstone Creamery w/out guilt (telling on myself!), just remember: ab crunches, thigh lifts, squats & push-ups are all easy home-based toning tricks you'll STILL need 2 do, even as a FFM! TTFN...:-)

Writing My Prescription for Healing-Day 1

Queen-Size Me™ is the product of a long, on-going journey towards healing of my heart, soul, mind and body. You and I both know that healing truly IS a journey; it's not something that you can simply put a bandage over (although, as superwomen with never-ending responsibilities, we try to do this very thing!) and expect it to magically disappear. No, there is a process; a formula (albiet an ever-changing formula depending on the individual) that one must consciously embark upon in order to arrive at that blessed destination...that place where you see the light at the other end of the tunnel.

That light at the other end of the tunnel eludes is ever-present in my view, yet I often feel as if I'm viewing it from a slow-moving passenger train going in the opposite direction! I'm sure you can imagine how frustrating this is, day-after-day. My tunnel is separation that eventually led to an un-wanted divorce. I've processed the initial surface feelings of no longer 'feeling' that romantic love for my ex-husband, but I've not fully peeled back the layers and resolved the deeper emotional issues that are lying underneath the surface; those layers that need to be healed before a new foundation can be laid upon which to build again...and build stronger. Yet, I continue to hold on to hope in the midst of my busy days, working and commuting endless hours without making my healing a priority. Today, that postponement ceases.

I have unofficially, and without disrepect to the medical industry, 'dubbed' myself 'Dr. Estéfani'. I am going to dig deep, draw on my faith and try to milk out some wisdom by writing my way to healing, one day at a essence, I am 'writing' my prescription for healing, with 'writing' being the actual means to the end. There will be ups, there will be downs. I will write something to which you can relate, something that may cause you to identify an area in your OWN life that needs a little salt...a little honey...a little TLC. I will write things that may upset or anger you, where only YOU can identify 'why?' Yet in the end-as a part of this refining process-we will shine as the queenly crowns that we are and that we were created to be. Only then will we be seen AND identified as queens by kings (another post on this topic of 'kings' will come soon)...

Some of you may walk away with a career in Full-Figure Modeling/Plus Size Modeling; some may embrace a new style of music; some may discover an amazing new way towards fitness and healthy eating; some of you will have restored marriages, or can peacefully accept divorce; some of you will apply the principles here to your overall relationships with friends and family; some of you will become great friends; others will take this info for what it is and move on. Whatever your experience is with Queen-Size Me™, my hope and my prayer is that you pass the Light and wisdom on to someone else...we are truly blessed so that we can be a blessing to others...let us not take this process lightly. It is the next chapter in our 'herstory'...welcome Queens...


My Journey-Portfolio Photo Shoot Research

"Passion is an UNSTOPPABLE force! Once it 'bites' you, you're infected for LIFE!" So, based on this statement, I've already secured my initial portolio photographer after researching about 20 professional photographers in the DC metro area. Roy Cox Photography has come out on top for end product AND pricing. You can see his work here via the link attached. I'm very impressed so far. Can you say EXCITED?! (beaming)...whether I make way or not in this Full-Figure Modeling industry, this part-ALONE-is life-changing! Yay! :-)